The ability to obtain the prized Buy Box is one of the main benefits that Amazon professional sellers have over Amazon individual sellers. The Buy Box is the area on a product listing page that enables customers to add your goods to their shopping basket without having to manually add it. However, consumers will have to go through more processes in order to make a purchase if you aren’t an Amazon professional seller, and even if you are the only seller on a listing. 82 percent of all purchases take place through the Buy Box.

The option you want is to become an Amazon professional seller if you want to use selling on Amazon as a significant source of income or as a platform to build your brand.  The monthly subscription charge for a professional Amazon seller account is $39.99. You have access to a number of benefits with this subscription, and these will also be covered later. You avoid having to pay costs of $0.99 per unit by paying this subscription price. There are many benefits of having an amazon seller pro account.

Do you want to use Amazon to promote your products?

The option to create sponsored listings on Amazon gives professional Amazon sellers a significant edge over independent merchant. Amazon professional sellers can pay money to have their products appear at the top of Amazon’s search results through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. More sales and income for the sellers follow from this frequently. However, Amazon individual sellers are unable to make advertisements for their goods there. Key points to look for when choosing amazon individual seller account.

  • As Amazon taxes individual sellers $0.99 per unit, you should aim to sell fewer than 40 copies each month.
  • Are seasonal sellers who wish to clear out their garage of clutter or simply sell a few items.

Why start selling on Amazon yourself?

How involved you want to be in your Amazon business should be the main consideration when picking an Amazon seller account. People who wish to get rid of a few extra items around the house should choose the individual seller plan. It’s also a smart strategy for people who want to test out Amazon selling before committing fully and growing their company to something like private label. The seller dashboard and forums on Amazon can be accessed without making a $39.99 monthly payment by creating an individual seller account.

Over 197 million individuals visit each month. That is only the “.com” domain, yes. Keep in mind that the number of possible markets is far larger and not even included. This enormous number demonstrates the abundance of chances there are for Amazon sellers to establish a passive revenue stream. The first thing you should know if you decide to sell products on Amazon is which seller plan would best suit your needs.

The reasons you initially decided to sell on Amazon will ultimately determine the strategy you adopt. Choose the individual seller plan if you only want to sell a few products and make a small profit. However, enrolling in the Amazon professional seller plan is the better choice if you genuinely want to start a business and earn a consistent income from selling on Amazon.