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Why Invest in World-Class Magnetic Stirrers for Your Laboratory?

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Laboratories use stirrers to mix various chemical solutions used for laboratory tests and other applications. Stirring machines mix the liquid solutions in a balanced motion and speed to provide a uniform composition. When mixing manually, the chemical solution may not have the required consistency, especially if it contains solid particles and particles of varying densities. This is why stirring machines are crucial for any laboratory. It saves time and effort for the research experts and delivers uniformly mixed chemical solutions for lab tests.

You can purchase regular motorized laboratory stirrers from any lab equipment manufacturer in Gujarat or anywhere in India. But for magnetic stirrers, laboratory equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad are simply the best in the industry.

What Is A Magnetic Stirrer?

A Magnetic Stirrer, as the name suggests uses magnetic energy to stir the chemical solutions. A traditional stirrer uses a motor to stir the chemicals. When you turn on the stirrer, the motor rotates the stirring shaft in a circular motion, eventually mixing the chemical solution placed in a beaker underneath. On the other hand, a magnetic stirrer is powered by electromagnets that create a rotating magnetic field to stir the chemical solution. The stirring machine provides controls for speed and time, allowing research experts to achieve the desired composition of solutions. The automatic motion and smart technology save a lot of time, and the lab technicians can focus on other tasks while the chemical solution gets stirred appropriately.

What Are The Advantages Of A Magnetic Stirrer?

There are several advantages of getting a magnetic stirrer for laboratory usage.

  1. No Moving Parts: A magnetic stirrer has no moving parts. The coil magnets generate a rotating magnetic field, to generate a vortex in the liquid solution. So, there are no moving mechanical parts. The overall construction is quite simple.
  2. Low-Maintenance: Due to a lack of moving parts and motors, the magnetic stirrer requires minimal to no maintenance. Once the stirrer is installed it performs efficiently without any unexpected damage.
  3. Highly Durable: Magnetic stirrers are highly durable. Due to their simple construction and electromagnetic setup, it functions efficiently for a long period of time.
  4. Better Performance: The motorized stirrer uses a shaft to stir the liquids. This method may not stir all types of solutions well, and the involvement of the external shaft in the solution may cause the addition of unwanted particles to the solution. On the other hand, the magnetic stirrer stirs the liquid without any direct contact. So the resultant solution is clean and precisely meets the test requirements.
  5. Efficiency: Modern magnetic stirrers run with minimal energy consumption. So you save money over the long run due to efficiency and low maintenance.
  6. Requires no monitoring: Once you set the time and speed, the magnetic stirrer will stir accurately without any human intervention. So your team can go ahead with other tasks while the solution is being prepared by the stirrer.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to having a magnetic stirrer at the lab. However, in case you have a motorized stirrer already, you can be hesitant to change it to a magnetic one. But investing in a magnetic stirrer would certainly be a wise decision.

Here’s a direct comparison between magnetic stirrers and motorized stirrers to help you develop a better understanding of why an upgrade is essential.

Difference Between Magnetic Stirrer and Motorized Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer Motorized Stirrer
  • It has a compact body, so it will not consume much space in the laboratory.
  • The overall setup consists of a platform, a motor, and a stirring shaft, making the motorized stirrer quite hefty compared to the magnetic one.
  • It is lightweight equipment, allowing easy transportability within and outside the lab premises.
·         It is heavier and not as portable as the magnetic stirrer.
  • With no moving parts, the magnetic stirrer lasts long and requires no maintenance.
  • Consist of mechanical moving parts that require periodic maintenance.
  • It stirs liquids without any direct contact. Therefore, the resultant solution is clean and precisely meets the required test standards.
  • It inserts the shaft into the solution, raising the possibility of contaminating the chemical solution.
  • It provides better control over time, speed, and other test protocols.
  • Due to mechanical movement, there can be slight differences in time and rotation speed.
  • Budget-Friendly, Saves Time, and Money.
  • The product is not as user-friendly and budget-friendly considering long-term usage.

Shift To a Magnetic Stirrer Now!

Clearly, getting a magnetic stirrer is the best option. They are compact, budget-friendly, and efficient. And they are now easily available for purchase.

Some of the top lab equipment manufacturers in Gujarat are currently developing cutting-edge magnetic stirrers to meet modern lab testing requirements. So, at highly budget-friendly rates, you can get the latest coil-magnet technology stirrers with touch-sensitive controls.

Don’t delay anymore. If you have a motorized stirrer at your lab, just get in touch with top laboratory equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad, shift to a magnetic stirrer asap, and see better test results, all while saving time and money on the other hand.